Is “The Shift” the First Christian Sci-Fi Movie?

Let me shift your focus to this new and intriguing movie.

Angel Studios brings us its latest Sci-fi Drama “The Shift.” Here’s the logline: After a tense encounter with a mysterious stranger who has otherworldly powers, a man gets banished to a parallel Earth where he fights to get back to the woman he loves.

I don’t think I can name 5 Christian Sci-Fi movies off the top of my head. So this project in and of itself is pretty creative and exciting to me. Check out the trailer and then stick around for 5 reasons why this film is worth the watch.

1. The Cast.

Wait, is that Mary Magdelene from The Chosen (Elizabeth Tabish)? Wait, is that Sean Astin? WAIT is that the guy from Paul Blart Mall Cop 2? I’m honestly so embarrassed that I first recognized Neal McDonough from Paul Blart, but this movie looks like it has an amazing line-up of actors.


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2. The Drama.

There’s Sci-Fi, there’s romance, and there’s a story of hope. This movie is giving us a taste of every genre. Alternate realities, dystopian societies, missing people, the love of a husband and a wife, the importance of family,- if one of those things doesn’t perk your interest, I don’t know what will.


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3. The Story.

Apparently, this movie is loosely based on the Bible story of Job. In the book of Job, a man who is devoted to Jesus loses everything. Satan attempts to break his devotion by taking His wife, his children, and all of his belongings away from him. Through all of this, Job suffers and cries out to God, but he continues to have faith.

In the same way, this movie is about a mysterious enemy called the benefactor who sends the main character’s wife to an alternate dystopian reality.


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4. The…Jewelry?

This is a cool addition to the promotion of the movie because it’s the gift-giving Christmas season. Angel Studios has created a necklace to symbolize the empty tomb when Jesus rose from the grave and the hope that is represented in this movie. If you buy some of these items you can get free movie tickets!


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5. The Mission.

This is a short interview with the Writer/Director of “The Shift,” Brock Heasley. Brock has faced some tragedy. He opens up about his father being murdered by robbers in 1996, and the loss and hurt that came with this tragic event. And yet through it all, he had empathy for those men, and forgave them. And with this real story inspiring this dramatic fiction, it spreads the gospel of Jesus in a very vulnerable way. Even in the tragedy, Jesus is there.

Angel Studios has a fundraising aspect where you can buy tickets for others to watch their movies! You can find out how to watch “The Shift” or buy tickets for others right here. 

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