Workout With Lauren Daigle on Peloton’s New Bike Series

This was not on my bingo card for Lauren Daigle in 2024.

Lauren Daigle has been officially featured in the Peloton Artist Series. So to anyone looking to sign up for this 30-minute class, it started on April 18th. I wonder if anyone considers this “jazzercise”- just a thought.


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The playlist for the ride will include several of Lauren’s hits like “These Are The Days“, “Still Rolling Stones“, and “Look Up Child.”

“Tap into body, mind, soul, and spirit as Kendall guides you on a ride powered by the music of Grammy-winning pop sensation Lauren Daigle.” | Peloton

It is very encouraging to see Christian artists featured in an exercise series like this! If you could have an exercise routine with any artist’s music, who would it be?

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Stephanie Blackmon
Stephanie Blackmon
June 22, 2024 9:48 pm

Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be checking out this ride…and praying many will grow closer to God thru it!

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