Matthew West Just Wrote the Perfect Graduation Anthem

Grab your tissues, folks.

Graduation is a big day. It’s a day to celebrate all the hours of hard work and late nights of crying over math homework. It’s also a time to reminisce on all of the memories made with friends and family.

Matthew West wrote “18 Summers” reminiscing on the memories of raising his daughter before she leaves to go to college. We all know Matthew West is an incredible songwriter and this song had us in instant tears.


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This song is for the daughter whose parents helped make you a better person. Or for those who never had a good dad in your life, imagine your heavenly Father singing this over you. He watched you grow up and knew you before you were even in your mother’s womb. (Psalms 139:13)


One, we didn’t sleep at all
Two, was footsteps down the hall
Three, you’re jumping to me in the pool
Four was princess dressing up
Five was tea in plastic cups
Six, you got your backpack off to school

Can’t believe how fast it flies
They always say don’t blink, now I know why

18 summers gone like that
18 years you don’t get back
18 trips around the sun, don’t it make you wonder
Why holding time’s like holding sand
Always slipping through my hands
What I’d give to hold you for another
18 summers

Seven was the Disney trip
Eight was singing Taylor Swift
Nine was bedtime prayers and saying “Jesus I believe”
Ten, eleven, like a weed you grew
Twelve, thirteen, well, middle school
Fourteen, high school’s coming and you’re way too cool for me

Fifteen, first boy broke your heart
Sixteen, driving daddy’s car
Seventeen, you’re wild and free, and I’m waiting up for you
Then there you stood, cap and gown
And I’m smiling as I think about
How every one before’s what led us to

Dorm room number 205
A grown man trying not to cry
Can’t wait to see all you’re gonna do
Your mom and me and two aching hearts
Driving home in an empty car
Thanking God for the gift of raising you
For 18 summers

It’s crazy that my sister will be graduating college in just one more year. It has been a completely new season for my family that we’re all still adjusting to. But, God has always been faithful and good. No matter where life takes you, that is a promise.

“God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” | Hebrews 13:8

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