5 Activities to Bring Your Family Closer This Christmas

With all of the anticipation this time of year surrounding gifts, decorations and extended family dynamics, don’t let the real reason for celebration pass you by. Because of the arrival of Jesus, we now have an everlasting hope. And that is most definitely worth celebrating.

Life gets so busy it can be difficult to make intentional time with your family this Advent season. So here are 5 fun and meaningful family activities to make the true meaning of Christmas come alive to your little ones:

1. Pray Together | Advent Prayer Calendar

Grab a calendar and write something you want to pray about as a family each day. Together, either in the morning at breakfast or at bedtime, take a few moments to pray together. You can pray for specific people or prayers of thankfulness. This activity is very versatile and can be adapted for whatever works for your family. If you’re looking for a simple way to be intentional this Advent season, this could be the perfect fit for you.

2. Be Kind Together | The Giving Jar

Have your family come up with ways to give back this season. Write 10-20 acts of kindness on individual pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Each day or maybe just a couple of days each week, draw from the jar to find a way to share joy with those around you. It can be something as simple as bringing in the trash can for a neighbor or making cookies to bring to a nursing home. You and your family can get creative in the way you show kindness with the Giving Jar.

3. Create Together | The Jesse Tree

Even though this activity is a little time consuming, with a craft each day until Christmas, the outcome is worth it. Jesse Tree is an interactive way to prepare your family for Advent. Starting with Jesse, the father of King David, each Bible story walks you through the family tree until you reach Jesus. With each story comes an  ornament that symbolizes the story to hang on your tree. As your tree becomes fully decorated, your little ones will get to see how God prepared a way for Jesus to be born throughout the generations. And to make it a little simpler, there are some printable ornaments ready for your kids to color!

4. Sing Together | Advent Playlist

Each evening or even a few days throughout the month, have some intentional time of worship. Sing songs that celebrate and remember Jesus. Not only His coming, but the hope He provided to us when He stepped down from Heaven. If your family prefers a chorus rather than a craft, this can be the perfect opportunity to incorporate some Advent worship.

Listen to Christmas Music on WayFM
Listen to Christmas Music on KSBJ

5. Build Together | Play-dough Nativity

Some families are used to building Gingerbread houses during Christmas time, but what if your family built their very own nativity scene?! Using Play-dough or clay, your family can create your one-of-a-kind nativity with all of its special details. Plus, once you’re finished, it will dry and you can have it for next year too!

However you choose to celebrate Advent, just don’t forget to slow down and remember the arrival of our King. If you’re looking for more ways to dig deeper into the true meaning of Christmas with your family, tap the button below to download our Advent Devotional Guide to read through with your family.

Celebrate Christmas | A Journey Through Advent
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Melissa. Jose
Melissa. Jose
December 6, 2022 4:28 pm

Yes he served our country 42 years he is in hospital Syria casualties mount Hospital turning 63 years old on December 9 we missed our thanksgiving and family trip together already please help us in Jesus name Amen Stephen Townsend under the care of Dr. Farid

Mina Barrette
Mina Barrette
December 6, 2022 4:29 pm

I Love these suggestions. I have a sad thing to share. My husband and grown children have drifted away from Christ. My heart is burdened for them and I daily pray for them to rededicate their lives to Jesus. My daughter Mylin believed a lie on the internet. So she won’t read the Bible. I know that the person saying the lie was trying to discredit the Bible so people wouldn’t read it. So unfortunately they wouldn’t do any of these.

Stacy Sparks
Stacy Sparks
December 6, 2022 4:51 pm

Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

December 6, 2022 4:56 pm

Thx!!!! Gratzí dankeschöne!! I’ve shared with 10 families and Phil 1:3 to thee during this seaSON with HIS rea✝️SON

Brenda Mosha
Brenda Mosha
December 6, 2022 5:04 pm

Pray Together and Celebrating the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with Praises and Worshiping with Plenty of food.

December 6, 2022 7:07 pm

Three children and a nephew please God bless you if you can help me out and I’m watching my mom and dad they’re old it’s hard times right now I wanna make Christmas something special for them please get back to me if you can help me out thank you and have a blessed day

December 6, 2022 10:08 pm

Thank you for sharing this with me

Sonia shaner
Sonia shaner
December 7, 2022 7:08 am

Please pray for me to keep my job! Thank you

December 7, 2022 6:30 pm

Great ideas , Thnx ❣️

Kandis fedor
Kandis fedor
December 12, 2022 3:02 pm


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