Cory Asbury’s Unreleased Song “Kind” Speaks into Hard Topics and Is Encouraging Thousands

Music is all around us. We listen to in the car, hear it on commercials and tap our foot along to the beat during elevator rides.

But, every once in awhile there is a song that places itself above the rest. A song that hits you in the heart, that gives you all of the feels and maybe, just maybe, reminds you that you are not alone.

Cory Asbury posted part of his unreleased song, “Kind,” on TikTok last week. And the response has been overwhelmingly beautiful.

@coryasbury Sometimes marriages don’t work… #kind ♬ original sound – Cory Asbury

The pain of this life can be so overwhelming that most of the time we are speechless to the suffering. But, this song is reminding people about the goodness of God. That even in their suffering, God is so kind and people are collectively singing out,

“I’ve tried to run from Jesus. I’ve started holy wars. I’ve tried the patient waiting and kicking down the doors. I’ve cursed His name in anger with my fist raised to the sky. And in return all He’s ever been is kind.”

Through this song, God is showing up for the brokenhearted. To the men and women walking through divorce, God is reminding them that they are not alone. To families who have lost a child, God is reminding them that He will bring healing to their aching hearts. To those who are stuck in the cycle of addiction, God is reminding them that He is all they need.

As I scrolled through the different videos using the audio and duets of people reacting to the song. The consensus is clear. With tear-filled eyes, everyone relates the both the pain and hope Cory is singing about.

We all have the shared experience of pain, suffering, doubt and confusion. We have all prayed prayers that seem to go unheard, we have all gotten angry with God about our circumstances. But, through all of this, we can remember the goodness and kindness of our God.

My prayer is that you’ll remember these 5 things:

1) God Is Carrying You

2) God Sees You

3) God Is in Control

4) God Is Faithful

5) God Gave Us One Another

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August 7, 2023 12:14 am

Kind is so honest. Real. Touches my heart with love and honesty. We can believe but have doubts. God is good and Kind!🙏🏽

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