Kirk Franklin Reconnects With Biological Father and Estranged Son | “Father’s Day” Documentary

“The journey of life can be really messy. It’s not pretty. And this is my mess. My beautiful, ugly mess.” | Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin began working on an LP back in March, and he was never prepared for what 2023 would have in store. At a family members funeral, Rick Hubbard, approached the family and shared that he dated Debra, Kirk’s biological mother, when they were teenagers.

After two paternity tests, it was confirmed that Rick Hubbard is Kirk Franklin’s biological father. Debra had lied to Kirk, and told him that his father was Dwight Allen, who passed away in 2017.

Years after living in the same neighborhood, Kirk reconnected with his father.

“I have a 53-year-old son. It’s not something I was looking for, but I am grateful to discover that I do. That I have enough room and love in my heart for you. And whoever you choose to bring into my life.” | Rick Hubbard

After this life-changing event, Kirk reconnected with his son, Kerrion, after two years of distance. 

“This is the only thing that I needed, that has been missing from my life. I ask God for this every day when I wake up.” | Kerrion Franklin

Many hearts have been touched by Kirk’s story.


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“It was a very lonely life The only thing that was my constant was a small piano in the front of the house. That was the beginning of my relationship with God.” | Kirk Franklin

Through the trials, Kirk continues to use his story to minister to others through music. And it’s powerful. No matter how many people have hurt you, or what you walked through, God is there.

Kirk has decided to name his new album “Father’s Day,” and it will release on October 6th, 2023.

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