Switchfoot Reimagines “The Beautiful Letdown” with The Jonas Brothers, Jon Bellion, and More

Switchfoot is one of those bands whose music has the power to take me back in time with only a single note of music.

The moment I hear the guitar in “Meant to Live” I’m transported back to middle school and can once again feel all the teenage anxiety, hopes, and fears I thought I’d misplaced.

Jon Forman, lead vocalist and guitarist, has proven himself to be a master lyricist. He’s able to fit so much raw emotion and wisdom in a single line that his songs are like philosophical gut punches. I love Switchfoot’s music because it’s unapologetically authentic. It’s about finding meaning in this broken world, wrestling with the reality of chaos, and it always circles back to hope over despair.

It was 20 years ago, in 2013, when Switchfoot first released The Beautiful Letdown. It quickly became an anthem for the underdogs and captured the hearts of those who were looking for answers in a world full of doubt. The Beautiful Letdown truly cemented Switchfoot’s place in Christian music forever.

But it almost never happened.

After Switchfoot recorded The Beautiful Letdown they were shocked when their label didn’t like their new music and dropped them. The band had an important decision to make: either believe the label and walk away from music, or fight for the album they worked so hard on.

Luckily, they decided to release their music on an independent label and the rest is history.


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Earlier this year, the band revisited their old music and pulled a Taylor Swift. That is, they re-recorded their album and called it The Beautiful Letdown (Our Version).

“This album is for all of us. Not just for the four of us in this band of brothers, but for everyone who has made these songs a part of their journey.” | Jon Foreman

Several artists have been affected by Switchfoot and their music including the Jonas Brothers.


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Then a few weeks later after the dust settled and news of their music began to calm, Switchfoot dropped another musical bombshell. That night, they released a new version of “Meant to Live” covered by Jon Bellion and recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Jon Bellion is a renown songwriter in his own right who wrote “Ghost” for Justin Bieber, “Waffle House” for the Jonas Brothers, “Daisies” for Katy Perry, and so many of his own massive hits. While Jon Bellion’s music is not Christian, he is an example of just how wide Switchfoot’s impact is.

“I was just a 13 year old kid driving home with his parents. I remember hearing the voice on the radio say ‘this one’s called “meant to live”‘…I remember being frozen in the back seat as the song unfolded… I can truly say I’m not sure I ever felt that way about a song ever again in my life. Tears running down my face, I thought to myself ‘I think I wanna write songs.'” | Jon Bellion

I don’t have a musical bone in my body, but I relate deeply to Bellion’s experience. I also remember being 13 sitting in the back of my parents car while driving down those windy, Ohio roads listening to Switchfoot. Its impact on my life has been immense, and I know I’m not alone. It’s why Switchfoot’s music is as powerful now as it was back then.

Bellion’s cover of “Meant to Live” is hauntingly beautiful. The strings will take you to heaven and back, and then back again.

“I hope this song greets you like an old friend. I hope this song gives you a deep breath. Maybe your heart rate slows, you close your eyes, and you’re reminded of a bigger story.” | Jon Foreman

Switchfoot isn’t even finished with their tricks. on top of all of this, they’re releasing a deluxe edition of The Beautiful Letdown (our version) on September 15th. This album will feature covers of their songs by Twenty One Pilots, the Jonas Brothers, Dayglow, Relient K, Sleeping At Last, Ryan Tedder from One Republic, Colony House, and more.

I’m excited to see how these artists will breathe even more life into this already powerful album. I hope this old music reimagined will continue to speak to people all over the world from all different walks of life and reveal there is hope, there is meaning, and that we are meant to live for so much more.

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