Switchfoot Tackles PTSD and How to Disagree and Fight Well | Coffee Talk with Tim & Jon Foreman

Tim and Jon Foreman from Switchfoot tackles topics like PTSD, why the song “You Found Me” has stopped them in their tracks, and how they’ve learned to disagree well as band members, fellow creators, and brothers.

0:19 – Why Jon and Tim are in awe of Louis Zamperini’s story
2:36 – How “You Found Me” impacted their own lives
3:52 – PTSD, reaction to “You Found Me”
5:45 – How to disagree and fight well

And if you’re a Switchfoot fan, this mini-concert they did in the Loft at WAY Nation will give you ALL the feels. SO many good songs! 👇

Experience the Best Switchfoot Concert Ever in Under 15 Minutes!
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