Remember Building 429? Daughter’s American Idol Audition Gets Dad and Judges Emotional

If you listened to Christian radio at all during the 2000s then you’re probably familiar with the band Building 429. They landed on the music scene in 2000 with their first album release. After years of producing amazing songs like “Where I Belong” and “Fear No More,” it’s time for the next generation to make music.

Building 429’s lead singer and guitarist, Jason Roy, accompanied his daughter, Haven, for her American Idol audition that premiered on Sunday, February 19, 2023.

The sixteen year old Christian and musician from Clarksville, TN made her debut with an original song entitled “Fifteen.” And man was it emotional. The judges watched in amazement, as she sang her heart out and displayed such vulnerability in her song writing. Plus, watching how proud her dad was, gave us all of the feels.

Haven received an overwhelming response from all three judges. Especially Katy Perry, who responded with a standing ovation. And even the legend, Lionel Richie, gave a standing-o with some words of encouragement for the young artist:

“Young lady, your songwriting ability is incredible. You can be anything you want to be right now, it’s believable. Artist, voice, songwriting… check, check, check! I don’t see anything wrong now except the world doesn’t know anything about you, but they will.”

Not only did the judges praise her performance, but she’s received thousands of comments on social media from fans and even other Christian artists.

But, it was the three yes’s got her the golden ticket to Hollywood where she will start her journey to become the Season 21 American Idol winner.

“I want to do music. I feel like that was what I was made for, genuinely, in my relationship with the Lord… I’ve always believed that music is in me. When my words fail, music always speaks.”

We are so excited for Haven and can’t wait to watch her life changing journey.

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Nancy Shireman
Nancy Shireman
March 13, 2023 2:52 pm

Congratulations Haven & Jason 👏👏👏👍🏻✝️✝️✝️

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