3 Facebook Marketplace Tips That Also Apply to Dating

A few days ago, I noticed Wally checking his phone and becoming aggravated. When I asked him what was going on, he started spewing about equipment he was trying to sell on Facebook Marketplace and how everyone contacting him about buying it were frustrating to deal with.

I’ve had some experience in selling things on Facebook Marketplace, so I asked him how he’s negotiating deals. Come to find out, Wally was doing it all wrong. I told him “Selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace is a lot like dating.” That got me some weird looks, so I went on to explain 3 things to him I’ve learned that have helped me manage my Marketplace sales and maybe they’ll help you too.

1. Is this item still available? (aka: How you doin’?)

When you first list something to sell on Marketplace (when you go out on the dating scene), those who are interested will ask if the item is still up for grabs (are you single). When talking with Wally, he told me he would respond to those interested with an immediate “Yes!” and sit by the phone waiting for that person to respond just as quickly.

In my experience, quick responses reek of desperation.

Instead of waiting desperately by your phone or computer screen for someone to message you, take a step back. Be respectful of them and respond but in a less desperate manner. Act like you have other offers (dates) on the table. Play hard to get.

2. Don’t reach back out (aka: You still interested?)

It’s typical to respond to someone’s enquiry about your item and then never hear back from them. This doesn’t mean you should badger them with messages like Wally does.

You may have someone interested or you may not but just because they reached out, that doesn’t mean you should mark that item as sold (aka: mark yourself as taken). It’s like I’ve always been told: “If he’s interested, he’ll come to you.” The same goes for Marketplace! Take a step back and see where things go.

3. You got cash? (aka: Put a ring on it)

Someone you have been responding back and forth with about an item may say they are for sure interested and will come by to pick up that item at the designated time and place you both agree on. The time comes …and they’re a no show.

You’ll for sure be disappointed by their rudeness but until money has been exchanged (there’s a ring on the finger), that item (you) is still up for grabs (an independent person).

Don’t get me wrong. This is not me giving you permission to be mean to others. This is just me pointing out an obvious fact that we are naturally selfish people. We only think of how things affect us with no consideration to others time or attention.

Until you have exchanged payment with someone (until he puts a ring on the finger), nothing is for sure. We can only be responsible for our own actions so if someone leaves you hanging with an unsold item (breaks up with you), know that your item is worth getting (you are a good person worth having). Pick up your chin and try again!

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