New Netflix Gospel Docu-series “Voices Of Fire”

Grammy winner Pharrell and his uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams were picked up by Netflix for a new docu-series called Voices of Fire. The unscripted show will follow the men and a team of gospel music leaders as they set out to build a choir

Undiscovered talent from all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds will be sought out. Backstories will be told giving more meaning to each voice and experience. A range of factors will be considered when choosing contestants in Pharrell’s hometown of Hampton Roads, VA.

Pharrell’s popular songs like Happy expose his desire to make an uplifting impact. He regularly attends his uncle’s church and this isn’t the first project they’ve taken on together.

In a 2019 interview, Bishop Williams said, “Pharrell understands his mission, he knows the hand of God is upon his life, and he has a responsibility, because of the favor and influence, he has to bring people together for positive change in our community.”

Voices of Fire is set to premiere in late 2020.

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