Christian Medical And Dental Association Makes Urgent Plea To Churches To Reduce The Spread Of COVID

CMDA is an organization that provides resources and a public voice for Christian providers. It’s mission is to “change hearts in healthcare” is supported by over 20,000 members. Two of it’s members, a Medical Doctor and a Doctor of Osteopathy (holistic health perspective), wrote a plea on behalf of the nonprofit begging churches to find safe ways to meet during the pandemic.

They noted past articles where they detailed ways healthcare workers and churches can act to protect themselves/their congregants only to go on and say,

Despite these efforts, CMDA is saddened to learn not only that many churches have ignored our guidelines but that congregants have become infected with SARS-CoV-2 as a result of those decisions.

This article goes on to reflect on the perspective of the church,

Loving God with all our heart, mind and strength is our first priority, and it can be done with our families outside of church. It can be done via the gifts of electronic communication that allow us to join virtually with other church members. We are not being prevented from having Bibles, reading Scripture and singing songs of praise because we can do them at home and with the church through these virtual tools.

The authors cite verses about loving your neighbor, denying yourself, and not demanding your rights. CDC has cited some of the most vulnerable includes not just the elderly and those with underlying conditions, but also kids in minority groups.

Although statistics so far show that the majority of people who contract COVID will have mild cases, the point is to not overcrowd our healthcare systems and professionals so anyone can receive care as needed. In light of this, CMDA ultimately asks churches to voluntarily restrict gathering until cases come back down reminding readers “It is about love, not fear.”

Comments are mixed which is not shocking. Read the full recommendation here.

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