All the Easter Eggs You Missed in Micah Tyler’s “Praise the Lord” Music Video

Micah Tyler’s video for his song “Praise the Lord” takes us on a hilarious adventure of mishaps. Micah playfully shows us that praising the Lord is not about your circumstances and instead about your state of mind.

Micah’s sense of humor shines in this story of things gone wrong, but the action moves fast, so you might miss a few details in this chorus of calamities! Keep reading for a few “easter eggs,” behind the scenes moments, and insider info to look out for as you enjoy Micah Tyler’s “Praise the Lord” music video:

1) Texans ain’t Texans if they aren’t willing to boast about the state they call home.

Micah is a born and raised Texan. He gives a shoutout his home state in the video on the driver’s license from the DMV and when he jumps out of his jeep into a puddle, the vanity plate reading “PRZDALRD” claims Texas as home. Although Texas reigns supreme in Micah’s life, the video was actually filmed in the small town of Columbia, TN. In the neighborhood scene, you can spot a TN flag waving in the back ground.

2) No Micah’s were harmed in the filming of this video.

While Micah is reclined in the dentist chair looking like he’s about to play a game of “Speak Out”, his tooth goes flying out of his mouth, sailing across the room, landing on the floor. Although the dentist office in the video is real, the flying tooth was all for show. No worries, Micah still has all 32 of his perfectly straight teeth. The dental hygienist is actually a friend of Micah’s. He was staying at her family’s home when he was in town to film the video and got the idea to add this scene!

3) It’s not always what you see, but what you don’t see…

In the scene where Micah is hit by a door while sipping his drink, he asked the director to make sure to get a tight shot because he wasn’t wearing any shoes. If you look carefully you can see his bare foot fly up into the shot when he is flooded by his coffee.

Another creative disguise is used when Micah wins the battle of the band competition at the end of the video. He is strategically covering the topper on the trophy with his hand. Micah told us the biggest trophy they could find was a livestock trophy, and the figure on top was a large golden calf. To avoid any appearance of Old Testament idol worship imagery, Micah wisely covers the top of the trophy! Whew… that was a close one! 🤣

4) The 5 second rule!

It’s happened to all of us. There’s something delicious we’re about to eat and in a terrible turn of events, the treat falls to the floor in slow motion before we can catch it. In this video, Micah enforces the 5 second rule and eats it anyway, complete with dirt and dog hair. YUCK! But we got the real story, what looks like dirt and dog hair was really Oreo crumbs and corn husks.

Later in the story, Micah’s ice cream tumbles off his cone onto the concrete, but we later see him praising with ice cream in his mouth. Hmmmm…. the real story is that it was someone’s job off camera to stand and hold multiple melting ice cream cones during the shoot, so they could get the right shot. Sounds like a fun job, we hope they got to eat the leftover ice cream!


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But seriously folks…

Although the video has its fun and silly moments, the message is one we truly need to play in our mind over and over. And this catchy tune is sure to get stuck in your head!

I’m gonna sing it
I’m gonna shout it
I’m gonna lift my hands and praise
No matter what is gonna come my way
All You’ve done for me
I give You the glory
From the valley to the victory
I know my God is gonna fight for me
So when the devil come try to get me
Gonna praise the Lord

When it feels like our feet are landing in every puddle and it’s only raining on our head, we know that our God is in control and working what is best for our life. We can praise Him, even when we don’t feel like it. We can smile through car trouble and dance in the DMV line… it may even inspire others to praise the Lord along with us.

Oh! and if you think this Micah Tyler video was fun, there’s so much more for you to see. Keep laughing and dancing along to some classics in Micah’s episode of Songs From a Mug:

Micah Tyler Takes Us Back to the 90s with Space Jam, Boyz II Men, & Family Matters
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June 8, 2023 10:09 pm

Great funny video!!! I’m not able to open “takes us back to the 90s” video

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