Mac Powells “1991” Reminds Us of the Power of Personal Testimony

Mac Powell’s song “1991”, from the album, New Creation reminds us of the power in our story. Mac sings about the day that he became a new creation, April 21st, 1991. Mac was a senior getting ready to graduate high school in 1991 when he found Jesus in church on a Sunday morning. The song has a throwback feel, taking us back to the sounds of the early 90s.

The lyrics describe his transformation and the day that everything changed.

Amazing Grace, my eyes could see
I was born again at the age of eighteen
On a Sunday morning, Jesus got a hold of me
Hallelujah ’cause the past is gone
Hallelujah ’cause I found Your Love
Nothin’ was the same, everything changed
On April twenty-first, nineteen-ninety-one

The beautiful thing about living life with Christ is that it doesn’t end there. Mac’s song goes on to describe how as days turn into years, life goes on. We have our ups and downs, but the one thing that never changes is that God is always with us.

Mac shared on his socials a photo of his 18 year old self and tells us how the transformation in his life started with three things.

1) Reading the Bible
2) Hanging Out With Christian Friends
3) Seeking God in Prayer


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Stories are Powerful

When we share our personal experiences and struggles in life with others we can leave them inspired to try something new or encourage them in a hard time. Or, on the flip side, the stories we tell also have the power to bring another person down, make them feel worthless or hopeless. Our words have influence. The most important stories we can tell as Christians are the ones of how Jesus is working in our life. The testimony of what Jesus has done in our life can help someone else understand who Jesus is and what He can do for them.

So what’s your story? You’ve got a choice in how you use it. You can build someone up or bring someone down. You can lead them towards Jesus or away from Him.

Your Story is Unique

We often compare our stories to others. We say things like “My testimony isn’t as exciting as theirs.” Or “What will people think if they knew where I really came from?” God has been working through YOUR life to give YOU a story to tell and no one else can tell YOUR story. God often brings people into your life who are experiencing the same things you’ve been through… What an opportunity to share how God brought you through! Even if you don’t have it all figured out yet, sharing how God is working can not only encourage someone else, it may encourage you as well.

The Way We Tell It

You may be thinking. “This sounds great, but Mac Powell tells his story with that amazing, deep, soulful voice. Who’s going to listen to me?” Mac’s just using the gift God gave him. God gave you your own unique gifts. If he didn’t give you a beautiful singing voice, maybe it’s best if you don’t sing your testimony. Are you an artist? a scientist? an accountant? Whatever talents or skills God gave you, find a way to use them to tell your story in the unique way that God created you to!

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