Jesus, Thank You for 2020

Do you remember December 31st, 2019?

I was at a friend’s house ringing in the new year with board games, good food, and, of course, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

I’m not the night owl I once was, so my husband and I left the party around 11 o’clock. On the drive home we talked about the goals and resolutions we had set the previous year. Many of them were left unaccomplished…and don’t judge because I know we aren’t the only ones who set resolutions that fizzle out by February. 😉

Even though we hadn’t kept all our resolutions, we still were able to look back on 2019 with so much joy about what God had done.

God had moved us to a new state, away from our support system of close friends and family. This gave us the opportunity to grow closer together in our marriage and grow roots together in a new place.

We found a strong church to call home. We had made new friends. And we were actively working towards our career goals. We had finally gotten our footing and like many others, we were quoting the anthem “2020 is going to be my year!”

But little did we know…

Well it’s almost August now and 2020 has been completely different than any of us could have imagined. It’s really easy to start asking God questions like, “Why is this happening?” “Why can’t I catch a break?” “Will life ever look normal again?”

When I start asking those questions, I remember how 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says that it’s God’s will for us to give thanks in ALL circumstances. And in case you were wondering, that means quarantined circumstances, mask wearing circumstances, protesting in the streets circumstances, and circumstances of racial injustice.

I want to be able to end 2020 the same way I ended 2019…I want to end it looking back with so much JOY about what God has done. Because even when we don’t understand, God is still at work. And God is working all things out for the good of those who love Him.

The Instagram caption below was written by worship leader and songwriter, Cody Carnes. And it summarizes perfectly my hope for 2020.

During a great conversation with a few friends, as we were discussing all the things we feel like God is doing right now, Holy Spirit whispered to me.. “what if you started thanking me for 2020 instead of cursing it?”

*gut punch.. in the best way*

Wow. What a revelation. What peace that actually brings to realize God is in all this and is trying to produce fruit in me from it all..

So.. Jesus.. thank you..

..that I’m learning to be fully satisfied with Your word and Your presence.

..that You’re teaching me how to dig my own wells into the depths of Your presence and that I don’t need to rely on anyone else to get me there.

..that You’re removing the crutches I’ve relied on for comfort and peace. You are my peace. Your promises and presence are my comfort.

..that You’re redefining what church looks like and bringing it back to its original design.

..for the extra time with my wife and kids. We’ve been gifted unexpected family moments that we’ll cherish forever.

..that this season is going to produce such strength and maturity in me and I’ll look back on it and realize I needed it to grow.

..that ultimately You have everything under control and You care for me – and I don’t need to worry about anything because I’m holding onto that.

I’m starting to realize that You’ve been looking forward to the fruit that this year would bring.

What can you thank Him for today?

Don’t Waste 2020
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Chuck Padvorac
Chuck Padvorac
July 27, 2020 3:59 pm

good read and reflection – well done

July 27, 2020 10:10 am

Thank you. So very inspiring and true. He is always with/for us in everything.

CJ Johnson
July 27, 2020 11:55 am

With these circumstances, I’ve spent more time with my family and having more fun with them than I’ve had in years. God is showing me what’s important and meaningful. I’ve had to throw away my plans and expectations for this year and it’s being redefined on a weekly basis. My family goes to three different churches and now every Sunday morning we sit together and watch three different online services. I am grateful for my family, friends, our continued health and the opportunities to grow.

Alicia Barczak
Alicia Barczak
July 27, 2020 4:15 pm

Thank you for caring

July 30, 2020 1:21 pm

I needed this. THANK YOU!

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