4 Christian Artists You Didn’t Know Are DC Talk Fans

If you were a Christian in the 90’s then there’s no way you haven’t heard of DC Talk!

This Christian Rap/Rock trio formed in 1987 at Liberty University and went on to win 4 Grammy’s. The trio was made up by Kevin Max, Toby McKeehan, more popularly know as TobyMac, and Michael Tait who continued on in his music career as the lead singer of the Newsboys.

DC Talk was revolutionary in their music style and was a major influence on the Contemporary Christian Music genre as we know it. So many of your favorite Christian artist’s today list DC Talk as one of their greatest inspirations or influences!

Here are 4 Christian artist’s covering their favorite DC Talk songs:

1) Jeremy Camp – “In the Light”

2) Rhett Walker – “What If I Stumble”

3) I Am They – “Jesus Freak”

4) Ryan Stevenson – “Just Between You & Me”

TobyMac & Michael W. Smith Guess 90’s Christian Music | Song Battle


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May 19, 2022 10:26 pm

Ooh dang, that Jesus Freak cover!! Haha, I knew most of these guys loved DC TALK. I mean what Christian artist doesn’t?

Dion Richardson
May 24, 2022 3:52 pm

Ryan Stevens is a given! “In the Light” is actually Charlie Peacock…DC Talk covered it.. Benjamin Gate was off the charts!!! “What If I Stumble?” is a great track and my other favorite in the vein is Steve Taylor’s “I Just Wanna Know”. “Jesus Freak” is the jam!!! I’m a DC Talk fan from ’87-8! I have every CD and saw them multiple times. I FINALLY got to see Toby as a solo artist in ’20.

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