Enneagrams Working From Home

Our enneagram types are shining through the webcam more than ever. If you don’t know what enneagram is, it’s basically a personality assessment with a devoted following who probably hate that I over simplified that explanation. Knowing yourself is important and knowing how to laugh at yourself is, too!  Which type are you?

Type 1

You’re early, prepared, and ready to get your lists going.

Type 2

You’re checking in on everyone and making sure they know you’re there for them if they need anything.

Type 3

You can’t help but notice all the small ways these meetings waste time and celebrate how efficient some things have become.

Type 4

You’ve carefully created your working space for the best possible environment for you to work in and be seen working in.

Type 5

You wait for the point in the meeting where you can prove yourself and contribute confidently.

Type 6

You’re making sure all angles are covered and understood completely by everyone.

Type 7

You’re making the most of working from home even if it’s a party of one.

Type 8

You’re participating in the meeting AND doing several other things AND multitasking is just how you live your life anyway.

Type 9

You’ve never felt so comfortable.

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