CAIN’s Song “Windows Down” Is the Story of Logan’s Wife Finding Jesus in an Unlikely Place

CAIN’s song “Windows Down” is the story of Emily Cain finding Jesus in an unlikely place. Emily is the wife of Logan Cain, the youngest member of the sibling trio with his sisters Taylor and Madison. Together the couple have a daughter and Emily is pregnant with baby #2!

The song “Window’s Down” was released on July 16, 2023, the 5 year anniversary of the moment Emily decided to follow Jesus while on a drive in her car.

The beautiful melodies in this song captured our hearts and remind us that Jesus can meet us anywhere, anytime. He turns dashboards into altars and highways into holy ground. The nostalgic music video stars Emily herself! As we get to watch Emily remember her salvation story, the sweet song reminds us to look back and remember where we first met Jesus.

In this video, Emily tells us a little more about her story:

Emily didn’t grow up in a Christian home or with much spiritual influence. Feeling lost and empty, Emily began looking to fill those feelings with the wrong things. Until one day Emily cried to God in desperation:

“God if you’re real. I need help. I need you to show me because I don’t know what else to do and in an instant the presence of God filled my car in an undeniable way.”

Emily hopes people who hear “Windows Down” will relate to her story. She wants them to know that God loves them and is ready to meet them wherever they are at. CAIN has plans to release a new album titled “Jesus Music” in September 2023 which will include “Windows Down” and a previously released single “Any More”.

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