7 Songs That Aren’t Afraid to Say “Jesus is Alive!”

A global pandemic is a great time to celebrate Easter. At the cross, Jesus took our sin so we can know God and not fear life after death. At the tomb, Jesus rose from the dead so one day our bodies won’t experience illness or death, again.

Whatever Easter looks like this year, these songs will keep reminding us Jesus is not just in our hearts. His lungs are breathing. His heart is pumping blood. His eyes are blinking. He’s alive and we have hope!

Jesus is Alive – CityAlight

If you’re not following CityAlight, you should be. They are a group out of Australia who writes simple, modern hymns with strong lyrics and multiple verses. This upbeat song celebrates all the things Jesus has overcome.

Because He Lives – Caleb + Kelsey

This song is an oldie, but a goodie – especially if you grew up in a small church in the south. Caleb + Kelsey made a beautiful update for this song that was written in the late 1960s by Gloria Gaither.

While pregnant with her third child, she was filled with anxiety while her husband was sick, kids were at home, and cultural tensions were high. (Sound familiar?) But God met them there, and He meets us where we’re at too.

Verse not included in this version:
How sweet to hold a newborn baby
And feel the pride and joy He gives
But greater still the calm assurance
This child can face uncertain days, because He lives

Forever – Kari Jobe

Besides the incredibly talented and humble Kari Jobe, here’s why this song is great. “Forever” is an Easter song that makes me feel like I was there where Jesus walked out of the grave! It’s powerful – lyrically and instrumentally. And it’s Kari Jobe.

Christ is Risen – Matt Maher

This could be an anthem song for church as we read headlines each day. Who destroys death by dying? Jesus did. It’s a simple, powerful declaration to come and join us as we follow the One Who has trampled death.

Christ Arose

Stick with this one! I found the most updated version I could, but there’s nothing like sitting in a church and hearing the men build their low rumble into a thunderous chord for, “Up from the grave he AROSE!” This hymn can be turned into a battle cry that resonates with guys in the pews like no other song I know. There are lots of full versions of this tune out there. I prefer the ones with an organ not a synthesizer.

In Christ Alone – Lauren Daigle

Many know this song, and maybe you’re tired of it, but Lauren’s stripped down version gives us the room we need to hear it again with fresh ears. The writer Stuart Townsend said it best, “We so often try and pin our hopes on how well we’re doing. The whole message of grace is it’s not dependent at all on how well I do. It’s dependent on what Jesus has done and we can rely on that. That’s the message of this song.”

Living Hope – Phil Wickam

Some lyrics project visuals onto the blank screen of my mind. The line that paints an overwhelmingly strong portrait in this song has to be, “Your buried body began to breathe.” Phil takes the resurrection and makes it very personal and extremely real.

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