5 Can’t Fail Phrases to Use at a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is coming and if football isn’t in your wheelhouse, you don’t have to keep quiet for fear of stares annoyed at your ignorance! Come out from behind the snack bar. Sit on the couch with the focused friends. Learn these can’t fail phrases and start to ENJOY the actual game. 

1. “Let’s gooo!”

How: This phrase goes well with clapping. It can also be said as a whisper, cheer, and discouraging remark.

When: It is best to use this phrase at the beginning of anything – a play, a quarter, a half, a kickoff. If teams stopped playing and they are lining up again, this phrase is safe.

Why: “Let’s go” promotes enthusiasm. You don’t have to know why they are starting something, why anything ended. You don’t even have to specify a team!

2. “First Down! First Down!”

How: Another phrase that goes well with clapping and can be said in many tones.

When: This phrase must be utilized during a play for a team that you have chosen to root for. Using this phrase while anyone is kicking or while the other team is playing with oust you.

You can even look for this little number on the screen. If you’re team was at 4th and are now at 1st you can even celebrate with this phrase!

Why: First downs are always desirable for your team. Each team gets 4 attempts to move a certain amount of yards. If they move that amount. Their attempts start over allowing them to keep the ball and keep moving toward their next touchdown. If their attempts run out, they must give the other team the ball.

3. “Somebody Flinched….”

How: This phrase is an accusation. Often said in frustration of your own team or in hope that someone did flinch on the other team.

When: If you hear an announcement of False Start or this little dance – you’re clear to repeat this phrase! Worst case scenario – someone tries to correct you as no false start was called – you just say “Ugh – they didn’t see it!” and walk off to get more snacks.


Why: A false start means a team started to play before they were supposed to

4. “Defense wins games!”

How: This phrase is another good catch all. It can be said as an “I told you so” or a cheer!

When: Use this when either the team you’ve chosen to cheer for is on defense (does not have the ball) or when a great tackle in general is made. You can also tell who is on defense by checking which team name does not have a distinguishing mark or highlight by it.

Why: If you are a Broncos fan, this unfortunately does not apply. All the defense in the world will not get points on the board. However, defense does indeed help win games. Whether your team is trying to defend or whether the other team is defending, everyone can appreciate a good defense.

5. Complain about New York reviews

How: a solid sigh of annoyance followed by an “Ugh!” or discouraged “Here we go…”

When: Here’s what to generally expect: A whistle has been blown. Flag thrown. The game has stopped. The ref announces a call and then suddenly the announcers declare they are sending off the call for review in New York. Replays start. Everyone rolls their eyes. This is your small but glorious moment.

Why: So many rules are changing in the NFL and because of that, people are frustrated. No one can keep up and even when we can it feels like the experts in New York are blind to the footage in front of them.



Nothing. Just say nothing. 

If you’re not convinced you can do this, the best decision is to delay your responses 5 seconds and just mimicking those around. It will make it seem like you are somewhat involved. Join in on the “Oh!”s and “ehhhh”s and “phew”s . 

You’re more than a foodie. More than a commercial consumer. No body puts you in a corner.

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