4 Things You Need to Remember When God Makes You Wait

You’re about to take a leap into the next phase of life. You have a beautiful plan, dreams you can’t shake, and people backing you.

The big moment comes and…

Nothing happens.

This was me the month after I graduated college. I had done everything “right.” Good grades, great resume, friendships and connections in my chosen field, etc.

Even so, internships fell through at the last minute. Employers who praised me in the interview brushed me aside. And I was back in my parent’s house – unemployed, uprooted from my community, and completely bewildered.

God stopped me in my tracks and made me re-examine my expectations and my trust in Him. After several months and lots of prayer, I was hired for a position I knew God had been saving for me at WAY Media – and I am so thankful!

The outcome of waiting isn’t always like this particular example, but I did learn this: if God is asking you to wait, you better believe He’s trying to point something out to you. Whether you’re waiting for a job, waiting for a spouse, waiting for children, or waiting for answers on what to do next – these 4 lessons I carry with me from the times God made me wait may help.

1) Stop and love on the people around you.

Watching my college friends thrive without me via social media made for some serious pity parties. While I sat around missing my friends and feeling sorry for myself, God had other plans. Little did I know how much the people around me would start to bless me – and how I would find ways to bless them. By the time my wait had ended, I was sad to leave the people in my home-town and sorry for all the missed opportunities I had to love and learn from these relationships. This is a lesson I’m constantly learning. God puts us in the exact sphere of influence He wants us to impact. Learning to love more like Jesus is a beautiful thing. Don’t underestimate the power of investing in the people God has placed around you.

2) The feeling of “Trusting God” isn’t what you expect.

Trusting God is a conscious effort. At first, I thought I needed to worry about my circumstances to get results. This left me feeling helpless. Over time, I started to be more honest with God and began looking at Him and His word more than I looked at the unknown. Peace set in. My prayers shifted away from asking “Why me?” and toward, “God, I’m adamantly asking for peace, direction, and a job I’m going to love. But no matter what happens, I will still love and serve you.”

If you’re loving & serving Him right where you are, He is using, growing, & loving you right back. Share on X

3) God’s timing is perfect and yours can be pretty flawed.

Looking back at all the insecurities I sorted out and all the pipe dreams I had a chance to follow while I waited – I realize I may not have been ready for a job right out of college. Plus, if WAY Media had hired me right when I wanted them to, Zach from The Wally Show wouldn’t be my boss. We have such a good time listening to Taylor Swift and making digital dreams a reality – it really would have been a shame. At the beginning of my months of waiting, I might have said God was taking too long, but now I know He had it all working out perfectly. My plan is to remember this truth the next time I wait – even if I don’t see it.

4) Be present.

Now, over a year later, there are moments I would love to go back to living in my parent’s home. I miss my family! But this feeling doesn’t trump the knowledge that God has me exactly where I’m supposed to be. He has me surrounded by the exact people, resources, and influences I need to glorify Him and share His love with others. So, my goal is not to waste it. No matter where he places me now or in the future, I want to “be” right where God has me, never taking an opportunity for granted.

Every story ends differently. I don’t know what your outcome will be and I’m not sure why God is making you wait. But please remember this: as long as you’re loving and serving Him right where you are, He is using you, growing you, and loving you right back.

This post was originally published in May 2015.

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Lovena Jean
Lovena Jean
January 13, 2024 4:42 pm

Thank you!

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