4 Faith-Based Movie Releases to Get Excited About This Spring

Get yourself a big bucket of popcorn, because for anyone who’s a fan or just downright intrigued by faith-based movies, this is the perfect time for a night at the theatre. Both February and March of 2018 turned out to be big months for faith-based movies. From MercyMe to action-packed Bible epics, check out these four upcoming releases! 

Samson – February 16th

Based on the Biblical account found in Judges, “Samson” tells the story of a man chosen by God to defend Israel from the Philistines. Using his supernatural strength for such feats as killing a wild lion and single-handedly defeating his enemies, this epic tale promises plenty of action and spectacle. Stars Taylor James as Samson, Caitlin Leahy as Delilah, and Billy Zane as King Balek.

I Can Only Imagine – March 16th

The song beloved by millions was penned in a matter of minutes by MercyMe’s front man, Bart Millard. This movie explores his story: his difficult relationship with an abusive father, a pursuit of football ending with a devastating injury, and his love of music eventually leading him to go on tour with his newfound band. “I Can Only Imagine” stars J. Michael Finley as Bart, and Dennis Quaid as his father.

Paul, Apostle of Christ – March 28th

From shipwrecks to beatings to imprisonments, the Apostle Paul endured countless hardships while sharing the Gospel throughout the ancient world. Now he finds himself imprisoned and awaiting execution by the Roman Emperor Nero, and wrestling with the memories of his past misdeeds. Starring James Faulkner as Paul, and Jim Caviezel as Luke.

God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness – March 30th

Tragedy strikes when St. James Church is burned to the ground, and Hadleigh University attempts to drive the congregation off campus all together. Reverend Dave is reunited with his estranged brother, forcing him to confront old issues even as he’s trying to defend his church and desperately praying for answers. The third installment in the series, David A.R. White returns as Reverend Dave, and John Corbett plays his brother Pearce.

I am excited about the growing number of movies like these and the fact that the overall production quality continues to improve. Now, here’s hoping that the audience support will be there, so that Hollywood will continue to give us seasons like this.

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