10 New Christmas Songs That Will Become Instant Favorites

🎶 All I want for Christmas is… more music to listen to!

Does anyone else get excited when the day after Thanksgiving hits and Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey rule the radio? While I’m a fan of the classics, I love when I hear a fresh new Christmas tune added to the mix!

Two of my favorite stations that play Christmas music 24/7 all season long are KSBJ and WayFM. If you want to tune in, tap the buttons below ⬇️

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Without further ado, here are some brand-new Christmas tunes to give you some holiday cheer. 🎄

1. Christmas Hits Different | TobyMac & Tasha Layton

Wow, this song hit me right in the feels. To anyone who has ever lost someone, or even just facing a tough situation, the holidays can be hard. This song is a wonderful reminder that God is always with us. And even in the pain, He can give us joy and hope.

2. Christmas Eve | Jordan St. Cyr

This is an interesting song because it’s from God’s perspective. For me, one of the greatest feelings in the world is when you’re waiting for someone to open a gift and they absolutely love it. I mean how do you think God felt when Jesus was born and He gave us the greatest gift in the world?

3. Because of Bethlehem | Matthew West

Well, Matthew West did it again. There is no doubt in my mind that Matthew West is one of the greatest songwriters. This is a beautiful retelling of the birth of Christ. I think it’s cool that he put a special emphasis on Bethlehem and how it was a small town in the middle of nowhere. In the same way, when you think God can’t use you because you feel small or insignificant, God can use YOU for mighty and wonderful things!

4. Home For The Holidays | Cochren & Co.

This is a rockin’ rendition of a Christmas classic. This heartwarming music video includes pictures of the band and their families during the holidays through the years. Every year my family goes to get a Christmas tree and we always take pictures together. Those are not only some of my favorite family photos, but also my favorite family memories.

5. This Christmas | Tasha Layton

I don’t know if y’all knew, but Tasha Layton is the Christmas queen. Just go ahead and give her whole Christmas album a listen. And if you haven’t heard her original song “Diddly Squat,” you’re in for a treat. I love the jazzy vibes in this chill version, check it out.

6. Manger Throne | Phil Wickham

I feel like if I could describe Phil Wickham‘s songs in one word, it would be “anthem.” In all of his worship songs, he knows how to gather people and create melodies that just make you want to shout to the Lord! And even in this song, he emphasizes the fact that a quiet and small manger is the most powerful thing on Earth. That’s some beautiful irony right there.

7. Home For Christmas | Colton Dixon

You know I’ve always thought it’s interesting that so many Christmas songs talk about coming home. And that makes sense because most people gather with their families for the holidays. It reminds me of the Bible story of the prodigal son. And how happy of a moment it is when he returns home. There’s so much joy in that sentiment. Anyway, give this fun little song a listen.

8. Wonderful Christmastime | Blessing Offor

Y’ALL. This version is everything. I love it better than the original, and I’m always wary of covers. Just do yourself a favor and listen to Blessing Offor’s soul-funk jam.

9. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas | Mac Powell

Yep. This song was made for Mac Powell‘s voice. Third Day was actually my first concert and to this day, I still think it was one of the best live performances I’ve ever been to. Also, just in case you’re curious like I am, I looked up what “golden days of yore” meant. Apparently “yore” just means a long time ago. So it just means looking back at good times. I learned something new today.

10. Christmas in Hawaii | We The Kingdom

What better way to end than on a silly, happy note? I actually got to see this song performed live. And before they started the song, they sort of giggled and looked at each other. It’s literally just a fun song about Santa getting stuck in a coconut tree. You have to give it a listen. Another one of We The Kingdom‘s songs that I absolutely adore is “Christmas Day” with Chris Tomlin.

*Bonus Song* God Bless Us, Everyone | Kerrie Roberts

This is the original theme song for our Scrooge: A Christmas Carol Podcast, a fresh retelling of the Christmas classic we all know and love. Kerrie gave us a song of redemption and hope that is perfect for the holiday season and sure to give you literal chills. Listen to Kerrie’s whole Christmas EP, Because It’s Christmas, on your favorite streaming service here.

I hope you’ve found some new favorites to enjoy for years to come! Since I can’t cover every new Christmas song, comment below and let us know what song you would add to the list. And don’t forget you can stream Christmas music just like this, plus the classics, 24/7 on KSBJ & WayFM.

Merry Christmas!

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