10 Christian Songs to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

If you didn’t know, September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month. We knew there was no better way to celebrate then teaming up with our friends at Vida Unida Radio! What in the Spanish 101 is that? Well, Vida Unida Radio is your source of Christian songs, uplifting messages, and funny DJs, but in Spanish for our beloved and always growing hispanic community around the US.

10 Christian Songs to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

My name is Erick and I’m a DJ on Vida Unida Radio! Hispanic Heritage Month, is a time to celebrate hispanic culture, traditions, and best of all, our food. But since I can’t give you any good tacos over the internet, I will gladly share with you another of my favorite parts of being a hispanic, our music. Here are 10 Christian Songs to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, make sure to read and check all of them, because #10, is my favorite right now.

1) Desesperado by Evan Craft

To open up the list, I bring you this fun latin pop song. And you probably know Evan Craft from his 2021 hit song “Be Alright” featuring Danny Gokey, but if you have not heard “Desesperado” yet, you’ve got to. Also released in 2021, this is a song that talks about how desperately we need from God through every situation of our lives, and it brings to life the bible verse that says: “as the deer longs for water, our soul longs for you oh Lord”. “Desesperado” will get you dancing and worshipping at the same, which is always a great combo.

2) No Hay Nada Imposible by Redimi2 Ft. Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey has been pretty active with his music lately, and just as I mentioned in the previous number, he participated in Evan Craft’s hit song “Be Alright”.  For the Spanish version the song, “Todo Va A Estar Bien”, they are joined by the Dominican rapper Willy Cruz, better known as Redimi2, a nickname that in English translates to “Redeemed”. After the great success of “Be Alright”, the couple decided to come together once again and gave us this fun song, “No Hay Nada Imposible”, which talks about how there is nothing impossible for God, it doesn’t matter hard it looks.

3) Solo Dios Sabe by for KING & COUNTRY Ft. Miel San Marcos

for KING & COUNTRY doesn’t need any introduction. The duo of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone have won a couple of Grammys and they are one of the most influential Christian bands in English. Their song “God Only Knows” was on top of the charts for several weeks, so they decided to try it out in Spanish and teamed up with one of the most influential bands in Spanish, Miel San Marcos, also three brothers, Josh, Luis and Samy Morales originally from Guatemala. I’m sure you will absolutely love “Solo Dios Sabe” just as much as you loved the original version.

4) Señor, Te Necesito by Matt Maher Ft. Blanca

You probably are familiar with the song “Lord, I Need You” by Matt Maher, an incredible one, but I can assure you that you are going to love this Spanish version featuring Blanca, another amazing hispanic/american singer that you might recognize from songs like “Real Love” and “Even At My Worst”. They come together to impact the hispanic community with the powerful lyrics and remind us that we completely depend on God and that we need Him more than we can imagine.

5) Eres Sorprendente by Marcos Witt

If you ask any hispanic who Marcos Witt is, they will likely respond right away. He is without a doubt the most influential and famous Spanish christian singers of them all, with a great career over 30 years. He has won many prestigious awards like the Grammy. “Eres Sorprendente” is already a hit and it was just released earlier this year, with it’s pop style of music encourage us to recognize the marvelous of God and remember all the great things that He has done for us, over and over in this crazy life.

6) Te Busque by Jesus Adrian Romero Ft. Brian Sandoval

Continuing with the influential singers in Spanish Christian music, Jesus Adrian Romero is probably in the top 3 right after Marcos Witt. “Te Busque” is one of the most requested songs in Vida Unida right now, and that’s easy to understand as soon as you hear the first notes of this beautiful song. Bringing together the norteño-banda style with some pop melodies, it’s easy to feel transported to a little Mexican town while you listen to it and its lyrics, which tell you that God will never leave you, and anytime you look for Him, He will be right there, by your side.

7) Danzando by Christine D’Clario, Daniel Calveti, Travy Joe, Josh Morales, Becky Collazos, Coalo Zamorano, Julissa & Gateway Worship Español

This song is a hit right now. Nominated for best song in Spanish for the upcoming Dove Awards, it brings together many of the most famous and influential Spanish christian singers right now and believe me, once you hear it, you won’t stop dancing, which is the actual title of the song. “Danzando” is a party from beginning to end, remembering how the joy of the Lord is your strength through every season of life. Once you play “Danzando” I can bet you a whole bunch of tacos that you will have it on repeat.

8) Amores Como El Tuyo by Funky

Luis Marrero is a rapper from Puerto Rico, but he is better known by the christian hispanic community as Funky. I can tell you all about it him by saying that he is like the Toby Mac for us. “Amores Como El Tuyo” is song that he released earlier this Spring and has gained a lot of popularity due to its unique mix of norteño, rap and a little bit of electronic style, and topping it of with a message of the great love from God for us, that doesn’t compare to any other love in this world.

9) Mas Que Nunca by Un Corazon Ft. Danilo Montero

The beauty of this song it’s in its melody and lyrics. A little about Un Corazon, is that they have been one the most relevant bands in the last few years within the Christian Spanish music genre. For this beautiful song, they teamed up with Danilo Montero, which because of his career, I know he is up there with Marcos Witt and Jesus Adrian Romero among the most influential Spanish Christian singers list. “Mas Que Nunca” is a beautifully written song that invites us to always pursue God’s heart, even more during your toughest times,

10) Que Pase El Mundo by Majo & Dan

To close this awesome list of songs, and as I said at the very beginning of this blog, “Que Pase El Mundo” is definitely my favorite song at the moment. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love all the songs in the list, but there are many reasons why I love this one. The music, the lyrics, and the fact that Majo & Dan are a beautiful and exemplary couple that share their heart and passion for God on every one of their songs. They are also one of the latest revelations and upcoming bands in the Spanish christian music, and just as a side not, they are also from Monterrey, just like me, but I promise that it doesn’t have any effect on my choices. The premise of this song tell us how nothing in this world matters more than Him, so let everything in this world pass, and give me Jesus. I hope you love it as much as I do, even if you don’t understand much of it.

You can listen to all these songs on Vida Unida Radio right now.
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Lyn Schwanke
September 19, 2022 10:29 am

Great job, Erick!

September 19, 2022 1:12 pm

Thanks SO much for this list! My parents are from Mexico and I thoroughly enjoy listening to Spanish Christian music, but don’t know where to look for it. This list is a wonderful place to start. I already knew about Jesus Adrian Romero, Marcos Witt and Christine D’Clario, but not the other Hispanic musicians. I hope you will write a second and third list for us!

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