Where is God in the Midst of Pain?

Kids who have been looked over in their world are rock stars at the CURE hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. Even the youngest ones have an incredible joy as they see their little limbs healed.

Every kid is special, but there is usually one that grabs your heart, and for me, that is Julius.

If you read the story about Julius’ amazing artwork last week, you’ll notice that today, his smile is gone.

This broke my heart because I know he is in pain as he recovers from an aggressive surgery to heal his badly deformed leg. It is part of the healing process and something that he has to walk through, but at least now he will walk through it with a new, straightened leg.

I sat down to talk with Julius to see how we was doing, and he quietly whispered something that I had to lean in to hear. His request was simple: “Can you pray for me?” It was such a beautiful moment in the midst of pain and a reminder that God is still in control and is there to comfort us in the middle of our worst pain.

This 15-year-old knew that, and it was a privilege to pray with him.

Side note, I did not know someone was taking a picture of us praying, but I am kind of glad that they captured the moment, because it is one I will never forget.

Julius reminded me that God is still in control and is there to comfort us in the middle of our worst pain. Click To Tweet

I’m coming home from this trip a little lighter–not just emotionally, but physically. You might have noticed that sweet watch Julius is wearing. Earlier this week, he said that one day, he would like a big watch, too.

So today was his one day, and I gave him my watch. But truthfully, I came out ahead, because Julius has given me so much more!

P.S. A Note for my wife Mardi: I also gave away your WAY-FM hat. Sorry, angel. 

You can continue to follow along with Julius’s story here.

CURE International helps heal children with correctable disabilities and shares Jesus with them and their families. When you become a CURE Hero for just $39 per month, you will help heal a different child, like Julius, ever month. CURE will send you an email with a picture of the child you’re helping each month! 

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