This Amazing Boy’s Artwork Helped Heal My Numb Heart

We all have those moments where we feel numb inside, and sometimes we don’t even know why. It’s like we’re just existing.

Full disclosure, that is where I kind of am right now. Then you meet someone who gives you some much needed perspective.

Fixing Legs

Julius was that person for me. Julius is in a CURE Hospital to have a life-changing surgery on his leg.

The problem is glaringly obvious, and if anyone would have a right to complain about the cards that he has been dealt, it would be Julius.

The amazing thing is, he isn’t bitter. He’s grateful. He feels blessed to have the opportunity to have his leg straightened and be able to, as he put it, “walk like everyone else.” What a simple wish, to do what most of us take for granted.

I got a chance to talk and pray with Julius before his surgery and was so impressed by his quiet strength and intelligence. He told me, “Maybe like the hospital has helped me, I can come learn neurosurgery and help other people.” I believe he can do it.

Fixing Hearts

I love to bring home things from my trips that mean something special to me. This picture might just be my favorite thing I have ever received. I found out that Julius loves to draw, so I asked him to draw me a picture. He said, “I will draw what was in my heart and mind,” and this is what he came up with.

It’s a picture of creation, and he was so excited to share it with me. This 15-year-old kid could have drawn anything, and he chose to draw a picture of creation and specifically highlight the verse where God said, “It was good.”

This really resonated with me because on the surface, people could look at Julius and wonder how we could see any good. I got to share with him that in the same way God saw everything Julius had depicted in the picture as good, God also sees him as good, not with deformity or limitations, but as a perfect creation with a purpose.

I know Julius wants to become a neurosurgeon so he can change lives by fixing limbs, but today, he was more of a cardiac surgeon as he worked on my heavy heart.

Meet the inspiring 15-year-old future surgeon who's already doing wonders on Wally's heart! @CUREintl #CUREkids Share on X

I am so thankful that I got to meet Julius and get some much-needed perspective. If you are numb, stuck, depressed, or whatever you want to call it, I pray that God will help you find your Julius so you can not only see the beauty of God’s creation but the beauty and purpose in His most prized creation–You!!

You can follow along with Julius’ recovery in real time here. 

CURE International helps heal children with correctable disabilities and shares Jesus with them and their families. When you become a CURE Hero for just $39 per month, you will help heal a different child, like Julius, ever month. CURE will send you an email with a picture of the child you’re helping each month! 

It might be just the thing your heart needs today.

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