What Will Lauren Daigle Wear to The 2023 Dove Awards?

I remember the first conversation I had with a lady at my church about Lauren Daigle. And I specifically recall her saying, “Oh yeah! She’s the one with the funky clothes.”

It is true that outside of her amazing voice and performances, Lauren Daigle is infamous for her sense of style.

Lauren Daigle has been nominated for 21 Dove Awards, and out of that has won 11. For 2023, her song “Thank God I Do”  has been nominated for Pop And Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year as well as Artist of the Year.

I took the time to look at Lauren Daigle’s Dove Award outfits from 2015-2021 and the results are actually quite interesting. There are two common growth trends within her style as time goes on: her clothes become more flowy and definitely have more pops of color.

Here are some pictures for reference so you can identify what I’m talking about.

2015 Dove Awards

2016 Dove Awards

2017 Dove Awards

2018 Dove Awards

2019 Dove Awards

2021 Dove Awards

So, my first prediction is that we will definitely see some long, loose elegant pieces from Daigle this year. And as for the colors themselves, that shall be my second presumption for her fit.

Check out this post promoting her new album tour: Kaleidoscope.


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A post shared by Lauren Daigle (@lauren_daigle)

My inclination is that Lauren will use colors from this tour/album to stay on brand. The two primary colors are shades of orange and blue with pops of yellow and green. We are guaranteed at least two of these colors if not a variety of all of them.

Another wild guess is that she might style some floral patterns like her 2021 outfit due to the flower crown that she wears in promotion for the album as well. And there are flowers EVERYWHERE in her music video for “Thank God I Do.”

What do you think? Are there other artists that you would like to delve into the world of fashion with? Comment below!

Also you can order your tickets for the 54th Dove Awards on October 17th here or you can watch the telecast exclusively on TBN network or the TBN app on Friday, October 20th, at 8 & 10pm ET. Be watching for our updates with the 2023 winners!

All the Nominees for the 54th Annual Dove Awards 2023
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