What ACTUALLY Happens When You Sponsor a Child With Compassion International

Does my donation really make a difference?

When you’re donating to a charity or any kind of non-profit organization, you can’t help but wonder if your money goes exactly where intended. It’s only human to want to see the proof.

Compassion International has been helping children in need for over 70 years. Here’s their mission:

We release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

In real life that looks like medical checkups, providing healthy food, health and hygiene training, surgeries, school uniforms and supplies, disaster relief, mentoring, and hearing the gospel of Jesus.

The real proof of what God is doing through Compassion comes from the powerful stories of the kids whose lives have been transformed by it. Here’s two quick stories:


Damaris came from a really broken home. She was not shielded from the fights. In fact, her dad was physically and emotionally abusive to her. He even told her that she was to blame for the divorce.

Her mom had to go back to work to support the family. It wasn’t long until her mom’s new boss took an interest in underage Damaris, and wanted to marry her. When Damaris refused, her mom beat her for not helping support the family. That is when Damaris turned to the Compassion and the church for help, and was rescued.

Damaris suffers from anxiety and said it was hard to tell her story, but she realized that it was important. Despite the huge problems she faced, Damaris is a Compassion success story! She is studying to become a teacher and she said that without Compassion she doesn’t think she would even be alive because the gangs would have taken her, used her, and then thrown her away.


Daniel grew up with a Christian mom, but he did not want anything to do with Jesus because he was mad at God for not giving him a father. So, Daniel set out to find his real dad. Unfortunately, Daniel was crushed to find the dad he had longed to have a relationship with, wanted nothing to do with him.

Here is the saddest plot twist in this story- His dad was a pastor! As you can imagine this pushed Daniel further from God, but being in the Compassion project helped soften Daniel’s heart. He realized that even though he did not have a great father, he had an amazing mother. She showed him what God’s love looked like and Daniel realized that he needed to serve God.

Daniel is wise beyond his years. He told us that he now knows God was always with him pointing him to his purpose, even when he wanted nothing to do with God. Daniel wants to be an electrical engineer and Compassion is helping to make that dream come true.

Isn’t God amazing? And this is just two kids from El Salvador. There are millions of stories of God’s goodness and joy that came from this outreach. On average, 8-10 people hear the good news about Jesus for EVERY kid sponsored. If anything in Damaris or Daniel’s story resonates with you, tap the banner below to find out how you can help give a child a chance with Compassion.

Bring HOPE and sponsor a child today with WayFM and Compassion International.

If these stories inspired you, tap the button below to read a story from a young boy in Kenya.

Hear Bakari’s Story: Compassion International
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