Can You Name the Top Christian Hits of 2023? | Song Battle ft. CAIN & Cody Carnes

“Ain’t Nobody” gonna deny it, this year’s music left us nothing but “Gratitude” … See what we did there? 😉

Will the Christian artists or Christian radio DJ’s come out on top? Dive into the top Christian hits of 2023 with us and let us know if your favorite song of the year made our list! Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes reveal with a surprise guest at 6:05.

How Well Do You Know the Top Christian Songs of 2022? | Song Battle ft. Blessing Offor


🛑 Careful, there are SPOILERS below! ⬇️
00:00 Intro
01:14 The Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours) by Matt Maher
02:09 Gratitude by Brandon Lake
03:10 Ain’t Nobody by Cody Carnes
04:20 One Name (Jesus) by Naomi Raine
05:15 Thank God I Do by Lauren Daigle
06:45 Just Can’t Tell It All Remix by Hulvey, Lecrae, & KB
08:30 This Is Our God by Phil Wickham
09:56 Fear Is Not My Future by Maverick City Music
11:10 Love Me Like I Am by for KING + COUNTRY 
12:25 Perfectly Loved by Rachael Lampa & TobyMac

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Paul Daiber Daiber
Paul Daiber Daiber
January 1, 2024 6:38 am

02:09 Gratitude by Brandon Lake

Some Random Jesus Freak
Some Random Jesus Freak
January 2, 2024 1:19 pm

The ladybug was hilarious!!! 🐞😂

Kim Kaye
Kim Kaye
January 4, 2024 11:16 pm

THIS WAS AMAZING!!! So funny, I was laughing out loud! Good job to all 6!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Becky Young
Becky Young
February 2, 2024 10:30 pm

Way to go Cain! ❤️😂

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