Steven Curtis Chapman & Sons Write a Gen-Z Christian Pop Song

If you thought Steven Curtis Chapman was done writing bops…you’re wrong.

Steven and his sons Caleb and Will Franklin (from the rock band Colony House) worked together to create his new single “Do It Again.” Steven has had an impressive 50 #1 songs on the charts in his musical career. He’s “divin’ in” and he can “do it again.” 😉

In this lyric video, we get time travel home video footage of the Chapman family while the boys were growing up. And I don’t know how two millennials and a boomer gave us a Gen-Z pop song, but they did it. Check it out.


There’s something I been thinkin’ a lot about lately
I think about it every morning when the sun comes up
It kinda reminds me of a little kid playing
And how it seems like they can never get enough
They say “do it again…do it again”

Maybe every morning when the sun breaks thru
Gods saying “I’ll do it again”
Maybe every rising of a brand new moon
Gods says “I’ll do it again”
Maybe every wave crashing on the shore
God’s tryin’ to say “I’ve got more to show you
I know I told you I loved you before but

I’m gonna do it again…I’ll do it again
And again and again and again I’m gonna do it again”

I look at the night sky and imagine God smilin’
Lighting every star and calling them by name
Forever young and forever finding
Another way to put His love for us on display
He says do it again…do it again

New mercies every morning
New stories are unfolding
God says I’m making all things new
New mercies every morning
It’s a glorious unfolding
God says “I’m making all things

I’m gonna do it again…I’ll do it again
And again and again and again I’m gonna do it again

Steven explains that “Do it Again” was inspired by a quote by British author G.K. Chesterton. The quote basically explains the concept that God always has energy like a child. He wakes up every morning and says “I’ll do it again.” That’s a beautiful thought- even when we get tired, God will make all things new. 

If your situation feels impossible or you feel exhausted, don’t lose hope. This song is a great reminder that God has done great things, and He will do it again.

80s Christian Song Battle ft. Steven Curtis Chapman 
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