Rhett Walker Welcomes Backlash on New Single with Grace

When Rhett Walker sang “All Joy, No Stress,” he really meant it.

There will always be critics and hate when you release anything online. I have seen countless arguments and debates in comments and several influencers or celebrities/artists be “cancelled” after just one post.

Rhett Walker just released his new single “Man on the Middle Cross” and received a lot of backlash and hateful comments after posting this song.

But the surprising part of this news, is that Rhett didn’t react in anger or sadness, he said he actually welcomed these reactions/comments.

“I’ve never had so many come against a song before. But as these comments started rolling in… I was quickly reminded how dagum crazy grace is. It’s wild. Like murderers go to heaven. By grace through faith…These comments don’t bother me. I welcome them. I’m still figuring it out. The man on the middle cross invites the skeptics and bothered and frustrated and hateful and all the mockers.” -Rhett Walker

And just a quick warning, some of the comments towards Rhett do include vulgar/foul language. Keep that in mind before you decide to read on. 

Walker encourages us to be humble by comparing ourselves to the man on the left or on the right cross. It is the man on the middle cross who gives us courage and strength when any trial comes. (Much less a few angry comments.) God’s grace and mercy is hard to understand but it’s real!

If you want to listen to his newest single, “Man on the Middle Cross” you can watch the lyric video below.

Watch Rhett Walker Guess Country Hits
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Betty Fay
Betty Fay
August 25, 2023 6:42 am

Your song Man on the Middle Cross is beautiful, brought chills to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a beautiful song giving our Savior Glory and Honor🙋‍♀️❣
Betty Fay from Kentucky

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