I Pity the Fool Who Doesn’t Follow Mr. T on Twitter

If you’ve ever seen the classic A-Team movie, then you’ve definitely seen this guy! With his rough and tough film persona, you may have never realized what he truly stands for – Jesus!

I recently came across his Twitter account and boy, are his tweets full of truth and encouragement. Mr. T really puts into practice, “walking the walk AND talking the talk.”

I love how Mr. T says, “I am a Christian first!” It really puts into perspective how I’m living my own life. What am I putting first? Myself, my family, my career, my health? See, the problem with all of those examples is that they have me included. We have to remember to take ourselves out of the equation and give God control.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28 NLT

Letting God lead might be frustrating at times, or even most time… I mean, who doesn’t like control? But it’s so much better that way. Why? Because it’s the way He intended it!

So, the next time you’re endlessly scrolling through socials, ask yourself – “Is anything I’m seeing truly inspiring me? Is any of this helping me grow closer to God?” If the answer is no, maybe take a look at who you’re following. The people you see on a screen have a deeper impact on you than you might think.

If you’d like more encouragement, scripture, and realness on your feed, maybe follow Mr. T! You never know who God can use to uplift you!

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February 13, 2022 2:21 pm

Excellent article, Brianna. Thanks!

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