Kelsey Grammer Gets Emotional Talking About His Role in the Movie “Jesus Revolution”

Kelsey Grammer has been making the rounds on talk shows promoting his new movie “Jesus Revolution.” In the movie, based on a true story, Kelsey plays pastor Chuck Smith. Chuck is a pastor whose faith is challenged when he encounters a hippie who lives out his faith in a way that is much different than his own traditional, conservative style.

Kelsey gets emotional talking about playing the role of Chuck Smith in an interview on LIVE with Kelly & Ryan.

Kelsey feels like he relates to the story of Chuck Smith and he was meant to play this role. One night as he was sitting on his back porch, meditating on life, he expressed this prayer “I want to do something with my life that counts”. When he returned to his office the next morning, his agent had left the script to “Jesus Revolution” on his desk. He knew it was something he had to do.

Kelsey is on his own faith journey, growing up with a “Christian Science” background, he told Fox News:

“I’m kind of a Bible guy. I’ve been reading the Bible all my life. I turn to it for prayer, for reflection, for information, and I just always have. It’s just always been at my fingertips throughout my life, ever since I was a boy.”

In an interview with The Wally Show, “Jesus Revolution” producer Andy Erwin talked about his choice to hire actors who are at many different places in their faith. Many times, the actors are not Christians, Andy said that he considers the movie an outreach to these actors just as much as the message of the movie is to the audience. As an actor is working to portray Christian characters in his films, it opens up great opportunity for conversation about what it means to be a Christian.

Kelsey definitely seems to have been moved by the experience of playing Chuck Smith and communicating the message of revival in “Jesus Revolution.” He hopes people get this message from the film:

“There might be something to this movement that happened then, and maybe it’s worthwhile to think about the way we’re positioned in terms of faith and society,” … “A great society can embrace a great faith, and probably enhance both. That’s what I’d like to see happen.”

After seeing the completed film, Kelsey expressed to Andy Erwin that this was his favorite thing that he has ever been a part of. His emotion and excitement about this role has been evident as he promotes this film. Here are three additional interviews were he talks about the impact the film has had on his life:

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Kelsey tells Jimmy why he feels like he was meant to play this role –

Today with Hoda and Jenna

Kelsey talks about growing up in the same generation where Jesus Revolution happened –

CBS Mornings

Kelsey talks about his faith journey, how it helped him through family tragedy and what we can learn from the “Jesus Revolution” in a world that has lost it’s way –

Producer Andy Erwin Reveals the Secret Sauce of the “Jesus Revolution” Movie
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Marla Presser
Marla Presser
February 26, 2023 9:16 pm

Wonderful movie!!!

March 18, 2023 10:41 pm

Omgosh loved this movie. Kelsey Graham was fantastic.

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