How Texans Quarterback CJ Stroud Is Using His NFL Platform to Spread the Gospel

People have claimed that CJ Stroud had one of the best rookie seasons ever in 2023.

CJ Stroud is a rookie quarterback for the NFL football team, the Houston Texans. Stroud placed top 10 in almost every efficiency metric, including expected points added and QBR. But when he gets to his post-game interviews, he gives all the glory to God and even lifts up others before himself. Check out this interview.

One of my favorite parts of this interview is when he mentions seeing his mom praying from the stands.

“I look up and see her praying and it gives me a sense of comfort. My mama praying for me, it gotta go good.” | CJ Stroud

All season long, throughout these post-game interviews, CJ Stroud either gives glory to the Lord or gives credit to someone else. Here’s another interview from back in September where CJ tells the media that his purpose was to share the gospel and that he tries to thank God for everything.

“I try to do my best to thank God through all that. Because His grace and His mercy And He laid His life on the cross for us. And I really believe that.” | CJ Stroud

I can’t imagine living a life where nothing is private anymore. People and the media are always watching and evaluating everything they do. So it’s encouraging when we see pro athletes or celebrities unashamed of their faith. I thank God that CJ Stroud is confident in the Lord, and pray for him in future seasons to come.

What’s a small way you can share your faith with someone today?

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