Every Single Mom Needs to Hear Jasmine Murray’s Beautiful New Song

This Mother’s Day, singer/songwriter Jasmine Murray is honoring the special, courageous faith in single mothers.

Jasmine grew up in a single parent family. Looking back she sees how the strength and bravery of her mother shaped her as a daughter into a strong woman today.

She says to all moms, “Know that nothing is impossible and realize everything you’re doing, you’re children are seeing that. You are literally lighting the way for their path, every single step you take… it’s impacting their life. My mom affected my life in the most incredible way. This song is for her.”

Jasmine’s mom guest-stars in the sweet lyric video to her new song “While You Were Holding Me.” 


Watching her mother walk through adversity with strength and grace impacted Jasmine in a big way. Watch Jasmine’s full story about the power of a mother’s influence in her “behind the song” video.

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September 22, 2022 11:29 pm

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