Christian Summer Jams Playlist

The days are getting longer, school is out and the sun is shining! It’s time to roll down your windows, open up the sunroof and let the wind blow through your hair. Whether you’re embarking on a summer road trip adventure or relaxing by the pool, you will keep praising all summer when you crank up these summer jams.

1 – The King is Alive by Jordan Feliz

When our head is swimming from the crazy days we’re living in. We know the One who keeps the world spinning. Jordan Feliz lifts our spirits with this upbeat, fun summer tune. Turn it up loud and you won’t be able to help but testify the good news. The King is Alive!

2 – Wave Walker by Citizen Way ft. Bart Millard

This energetic summer song inspires us to turn faith in action. Citizen Way teamed up with Bart Millard of MercyMe to remind us that there is power in the Holy Spirit. Power to help us overcome circumstances and do the impossible. When we keep our eyes on Jesus there’s no fear and no doubt. We can walk on waves and with the joy that God gives, we can even dance on them!

3 – Good Feeling by Austin French

What our amazing God has done for us makes us feel so good that we can’t contain it. We gotta tell somebody how great our God is. Living truth that inspires our every move. Austin French inspires us to not just sit around, but live out the life God gave us with passion, energy and purpose. Scream it from the rooftops. He’s a GOOD GOD!

4 – Take Your Time by Joseph O’Brien

Waiting on God can feel like an eternity. We live in a “want it now” world and we want to control the outcome. Joseph O’Brien’s sweet summer jam reminds us that God knows what is best and waiting on God to come through is worth it. He’s working good for you in His perfect love and perfect time.

5 – I Don’t Really Care by Mat Kearny

Mat’s video for “I Don’t Really Care” captures the carefree vibes of summer, hanging out with your friends, riding bikes and watching the waves. The lyrics inspire us to think past the identity we create on social media and the time we spend living in virtual worlds. So get out and spend some time having fun in the summer sun building relationships with your friends or making some new ones!

6 – Life is Good by Courtnie Ramirez ft. Apollo Ltd.

Is the glass half full or half empty? Courtnie reminds us that perspective is everything. When we focus on hope, we find freedom. When we think about the things we are grateful for, we find contentment. When we realize that God gives us everything we need, we know “Life is Good”. Listen to this one until it’s on repeat in your head…it’s sure to boost your mood and change your perspective!

7 – My Tribe by Blessing Offor

Life isn’t mean to be lived alone. Blessing Offor celebrates living in community in his song, “My Tribe”. In some seasons we are meant to work hard and in other seasons we need to slow down. Summer’s about changing your pace, taking time to have conversations, play games or hang out by the pool. Find a friend and plan a picnic or take a walk… cause when we come together, everything is alright.

8 – Up by Tauren Wells

Hard day? Heartbreak? Tauren Well’s anthem reminds us not to give up. When life feels dark, nothing is going your way, and your faith is low… know God is working. Even in things that seem to be hopeless, God has a plan. He can take anything and make it good. Tomorrow’s a new day! Ain’t no way you’re giving up.

9 – See Me Through It by Brandon Heath

When life seems bigger than we can handle, we can remember that our God is bigger than all of it. He already knows the answer and can show us the way through any problem. Knowing God is big enough to handle anything gives us the faith and confidence to handle whatever comes our way. He doesn’t leave us alone. He’s going to see us through it.

10 – My Light by Colton Dixon

When we try to make it through a dark world on our own we’re bound to go the wrong way, get lost, and sometimes even fall. Colton Dixon reminds us that we don’t have to stumble around in the dark without hope. God is our light. He promises to illuminate the way. Focus on Jesus, He will shine through the darkness making everything “alright, alright, alright.”

11 – The Goodness by TobyMac ft. Blessing Offor

Ain’t no doubt where joy comes from. TobyMac’s upbeat summer jam reminds us that everywhere we go, God shows up. Everything good in our life comes from Him. This summer when you’re sitting on the beach, watching your kids play in the park, or sitting on the back porch looking at the night sky. Praise the God who brings us all this summer goodness and then keeps giving it all year long.

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