How One Christian Artist Is Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers

Losing someone can crush you.

“There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” | John 15:13 

Justin Warren is a songwriter and worship leader who has shared the stage with artists like Mercy Me, Big Daddy Weave, Building 429, Natalie Grant, Rhett Walker, and more. Justin lost his best friend, Luke DeGroff, in a tragic helicopter accident while serving in the Army.

“My best friend growing up was six years older than me. He really was like an older brother that I never had, We did everything together from going out to the beach to riding four wheelers. His name was Luke DeGroff, and, after he graduated high school, he joined the Army where he became a crew chief on a Black Hawk helicopter.”


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“It was my freshman year of high school when we got the call that, sadly, Luke and his crew were killed in a helicopter accident flying at night in Honduras. The news rocked my world and broke my heart. But I wrote this song because I know Luke knew Jesus as his Savior, and I do too. One glorious day I am going to see my best friend again in Heaven. I wrote ‘See You Again’ looking forward to our reunion.” | Justin Warren

For those who have lost a loved one that you can’t wait to see in heaven again, this song is for you.

It’s been a long time
There’s been some hard nights
Since I last saw you
Yeah I still miss you

All the questions
My made up answers
That could never heal
The way I feel

It’s a cold and bitter sting
While I wait for my healing

But I’ll see you again
When I reach that shore
Where death and pain
Are finally no more

And every tear I’ve cried
Since we’ve said goodbye
His healing hand will dry from my eye

I don’t know when
But soon my friend
I’ll see you again

Grief is one of the deepest pains a human can feel. And no one grieves in the same way. Certain things like smells, images, or places will remind me of the ones I have lost, and sometimes those emotions resurface in a similar way to how they began.  I think this image describes grief very well:

Jars illustration: People tend to think that grief shrinks over time, What really happens is that we grow around our grief.

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And I’d like to add a note to this image- we grow around our grief with God. Without Him, it wouldn’t be possible. And because of God, as believers, we have the hope that someday we will see our loved ones again in heaven.

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