3 Ways to Celebrate Your Pastor for Pastor Appreciation Month

This year, like every year, I get halfway through October and finally remember it’s Pastor Appreciation Month. To be honest with you, I’ve never actually done anything for Pastor Appreciation Month before. 

My excuse is I don’t love holidays that tell me what to do. Why can’t I just tell my pastor I appreciate him on my own time when everyone else isn’t thanking him just because it’s October?

But in reality, I don’t do that. 

I don’t let my pastor know how thankful I am he invests in his community and helps me understand God’s word better. 

Sometimes it’s easy to forget pastors are real people who have their own struggles. These past few years have been just as difficult for pastors as it has been for people in their church. I’ve heard so many stories of pastors struggling with their faith, coping with loneliness, and facing health issues all without most people knowing.

Just because our pastors are up on the stage every Sunday encouraging us in our faith, doesn’t mean they don’t also need encouragement.

Join me, this year, in thanking your pastor. Here are 3 ways to let them know you appreciate and value them. 

1. Pray for Your Pastor

This is something I could do a better job at, and this month I’m trying to pray every day for him. Prayer is powerful and if you don’t regularly pray for your paster, I want to invite you to join me. 

 2. Send a Thank You Card

Like my grandma always says, “Thank you cards will never go out of style.” I love when someone sends me a handwritten letter, even when it’s in cursive and I don’t know what it says. 

Send your pastor a quick note, and if you can afford to, throw in a gift card to your favorite local coffee shop or grocery store. It will mean a lot.

 3. Invite Your Pastor Over for Dinner

Invite your pastor and some of your church friends over for dinner and board games. Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly? 

If you don’t like to cook, you can always make reservations at a restaurant and pay for your pastor’s meal. 

So whether it’s one of these 3 things above, or something else, let me know in the comments how you chose to honor your pastor.

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