Why Rachael Lampa Left Christian Music and Why She Came Back

From rising to fame as a teenager, to starring on reality TV with Pentatonix, to touring with Jordin Sparks, and the Jonas Brothers this interview with Rachael Lampa has some moments you don’t want to miss! (including when Joe Jonas helped her husband propose! 😲 💍)

Throughout it all, Rachael tells Joy the importance of following God’s voice above everything else and is now balancing her music career with being a devoted mom.

“Sometimes when I pray I know what I want the answer to look like. But then there’s this other thing that God does and He reigns it down in so many other ways than we originally hoped for.” | Rachael Lampa (15:09)

Worship Song or Bath & Body Works Scent? | This or That ft. Rachael Lampa
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