Nick Foles Proclaims the Goodness of Jesus at Press Conference

Nick Foles clearly his faith in Jesus Christ at a press conference after reporter asked him about his injury ridden season. The reporter asked, “I know you’re a man of faith. But you’re also human. Ever any doubts in your mind as you go through that?” Foles responded with kindness and clarity.

Here are a few beautiful quotes we pulled:

“God, if this is the journey You want me to go on, I’m going to glorify you in every action…”

“I can still have joy in an injury.”

“I didn’t need that trophy (Vince Lombardi Trophy) to define who I was because it (my identity) was already in Christ.”

“We tend to make this so much about us as human beings. We tend to make it about us as athletes. It’s not about us. It really isn’t. If you make it about yourself, you’re probalby going to go home at night, lay your head on your pillow, and be very alone and very sad.”

Other NFL Stars that Love Jesus
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