How to Fall in Love With Scripture | ft. Tara-Leigh Cobble

If you listen to Tara-Leigh Cobble’s The Bible Recap podcast then you’ve heard of “The God Shot” but if you don’t, let us explain…

When we read the Bible it’s common to ask ourselves “How does this apply to me?” This is helpful to a certain extent, but Tara-Leigh explains that when we look for God in scripture instead of ourselves, it puts a brand new lens on our reading. At the end of every The Bible Recap episode, TLC asks listeners “What was your God Shot today?” meaning, what did you learn about God’s character and who He is while reading scripture?

“Stop looking for yourself and start looking for God. What does He love? What does He hate? What motivates Him to do what He does? And changing that little thing, I was halfway through the Old Testament and it was a totally different experience. I fell in love with the Lord.” | Tara-Leigh Cobble

Listen as Tara-Leigh Cobble shares with Denise from KSBJ how she encountered Jesus and her faith outside of her family for the first time, how God is using singleness in her story, and the origin story of her podcast.

If you’re looking for more ways to fall in love with Scripture, check this out:

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