Can the Newsboys Guess Their Own Songs? | Song Battle ft. Michael Tait and Phil Joel

From Peter Furler, to Michael Tait, to Newsboys United, and even to the John James era OG’s, if you’re a Newsboys fan… this is for you!

Will lead singer Michael Tait and former member Phil Joel remember the songs from the band’s 38-year history? Or will the newest member, Adam Agee, school them all to secure a permanent spot in the band?

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🛑 Spoiler Warning: Song and album answers are below! ⬇️

00:00 Intro
01:23 Shine – Going Public
02:22 Ain’t It Like Jesus – Stand
04:00 Wherever We Go – Go
05:33 Jesus Freak – Born Again
06:55 Greatness Of Our God – United
08:15 He Reigns – Adoration
09:01 Breakfast – Take Me To Your Leader
09:50 God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion) – God’s Not Dead
10:56 He Lives – He Lives
12:43 We Believe – Restart
13:32 The King is Coming – God’s Not Dead

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