Michael Tait Talks About the Struggle of Losing a Parent

Michael Tait and Adam Agee from the Newsboys stopped by The Wally Show studios to talk with Wally. Fellow band member Duncan was not able to join them because he had recently lost his 95 year old father and was traveling to the funeral. Wally talked with the band about how hard the death of a parent is, no matter what their age.

Being in ministry and traveling with a band, adds an additional level of difficulty when you lose someone you love. Michael shared that losing his mother was devastating and just a few days after she passed away, he was back on the road and had to get back on the stage and sing a song he had written about his mom. But he believes this is what his parents would want. They would tell him to live and to keep going.

Adam says this about having to be on stage and perform while you are suffering a loss.

“It is so emotional, like everything just hits so much harder. And trying to sing and get through some of the lyrics, it’s just tough.”

They talk about the importance of remembering the people we have lost as a way to heal. Wally and his wife, have a tradition of honoring her father by spending a day doing things that he loved to do.

Death and loss is something that hits all of us, whether we are up on the stage or out in the crowd. While it is something we don’t understand, we can rest in this statement from Tait:

“The truth is that we’re going to live forever. That’s the good news.”

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