Behind the Scenes of Stunt Week on The Chosen

Creator, director, and co-writer, Dallas Jenkins takes us behind the scenes of our favorite Bible drama series, The Chosen. Get an insider look at the filming of a miracle, which required a huge crowd of extras to bring the moment to life. The actors shared they love feeding off the energy of the extras on the set. It’s always fun to see the actors in modern day settings and finding out what goes into choreographing these complicated stunt scenes.

We also discover the identity of a Rabbi, who has been around since season 1, now his character’s name has finally been revealed! Steve Shermett shares why he chose The Chosen when he was offered an opportunity on another show to work with a producer/director he had always wanted to work with:

The Chosen is the ultimate thing I want to do. This is faith affirming content on a grand scale…I tell people it was a difficult circumstance, but not a difficult choice”

Exclusive Interviews with the Cast of The Chosen
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