If You Love “The Chosen” You Need to See These Bloopers

The creators of The Chosen work hard to build sets, design costumes and write dialogue that transport viewers into the time where Jesus lived on Earth. They do such a great job, we often forget we’re watching actors on the screen. Although Jesus is perfect, the actors are not… 😆

The people playing Jesus and his disciples on TV find it hard to stay in character and get cracked up laughing. They forget their lines, slip into modern expressions and have trouble pronouncing those difficult Bible names. It’s hilarious when modern sounds interrupt the scene, like when someone forgot to silence their cell phone. Then there are unexpected interruptions you can’t control like car alarms and train horns. These Season 2 bloopers give you a behind the scenes look at what The Chosen actors are like when they’re not in character. Check it out for a good laugh and to see what it’s really like when they’re filming on the set!

Exclusive Interview With the Actors of “The Chosen”
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