Lauren Daigle’s Grandma Will Make You Think About What Really Matters

Lauren Daigle is sad to see we may be losing the art of simple pastimes – herself included. Read on to see how her sweet grandmother’s passion reminded her to make space for the still moments and real connections. And check out the video below!

Lauren says:

“Where is the beauty of this pastime? This is my 82 year old grandmother reciting Edgar Allen Poe, one of her favorite writers of all time. She told me she would memorize his works so that she could recite them to her baby sister as she put her to sleep.

What will we have to share with those coming after us? What will we leave behind? In a world where our heads are fully engulfed in all things technology and media (and no, I don’t think these things are bad, just loud), has something like memorizing poetry for the sheer enjoyment of the craft become too far gone, too removed from our digital era? Kinda makes me sad to see something this beautiful simply erased for the sake of what we all know as “advancement”.

I’ve seen kids walk in to social settings today unaware of how to communicate, unaware of how to carry on a conversation with an adult, unaware of how to actually engage and ask questions that are simply meant to hear another’s story, unaware of how to be confident without the device crutch (guilty of this at times myself). The art of listening can feel distant. It’s a disconnected connection these phones and social media spaces.

Just some thoughts that began sizzling under the surface as I saw this beauty, my sweet grandmother, come so full of life as she recalled a moment in her life’s history. Notice how the joy she exudes in this video was probably the same of that first time when she spoke it to her baby sister.

Why? This is passion of the soul.

And this, when all things fade, when everything else is loud and distracting, this remains.

This is my personal challenge: to keep that space open, to keep that space nourished and healthy, and to not pacify with things that have no depth. It’s time to watch the rain pour down and marvel at wonder of water droplets crashing to the earth from hundred foot clouds. Oh and that passion thing, yeah… she became an English teacher for the love of all things literature. See the connection?

So what is it that we are building? Xoxo”

Watch Lauren’s grandmother light up as she recites Edgar Allen Poe in this instagram video! How sweet is this??


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