Sherri Lynn On Racism Through The Lens Of Calvary

If racism feels too far removed from you or too overwhelming to keep digesting, this article by Sherri Lynn will bring it in closer to your heart, your home, and your faith.

Sherri, producer of the radio show Brant and Sherri, discusses racism from the perspective of Jesus Christ. In an article for, she breaks down the race discussion in three categories: Black, White, and Red.

There’s a lot that can be taken away from this article so here’s a few favorite highlights:

Because when these subtle substitutes are used, the black person knows they’re being called or treated like the “N” word, but the person inflicting the wound gets to throw up their hands and say “oh, well, geez, I guess everything is racist now.” So God requires me to forgive someone that declares in no uncertain terms; they require no forgiveness because I’m the one being too sensitive. They’re actually a step away from requiring me to apologize for hurting their feelings.

In context, Sherri is exposing how she works to forgive others during racial tensions. So the question for those of us who are not people of color is, “How can I honor someone who I have hurt above myself instead of blaming, defending, and refusing to apologize or listen?”

Simply put, “Racist” insults your goodness….NO ONE wants to hear that about themselves regardless of race.

Calvary does more than suggest you don’t have a good heart or good intentions. It says you don’t. It says, without that shed blood, you can’t.

Pride is the fallen human condition. It’s what is in all of us. Racism is pride on steroids. So if your heart is bursting with pride by nature, how can you so confidently declare yourself free of racial bias? How do you know that? Have you asked the Holy Spirit to examine your heart?

This is not just a question of, “Do I hate people of color or look down on them?” Let us go to God and ask where racism is hiding in our hearts and lives. May He show us our privilege and ignorance. He can teach us how to love our neighbors as ourselves by seeking justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly in our own communities.

Paul tells us in Galatians that he confronted Peter for one reason: “the truth of the Gospel.” 

That’s what is at stake here, friends. The Truth of the Gospel. How can we go to a world and tell them about a Calvary that covered our sin when we won’t even come clean about our sin and our need to receive and extend forgiveness?

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Abery, and many more should not have died. Their race absolutely played a role. This is an injustice. It is scary for people of color and we should care – not just because black lives matter or this is America. We should care because the gospel is being displayed to those around us through how we respond.

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Rober Domagala
Rober Domagala
April 27, 2021 11:26 am

Tell me about CRT or white privilege? You can not drive out hate with more hate, it takes love. You cannot drive out darkness with more darkness, it takes light. You cannot drive out racism with more racism. True change begins and ends with prayer because prayer turns our focus toward God. One of my friends tells me all the time: “What we focus on is what we move toward.” If we focus on the problems, they will get bigger. If we focus on God, we will see his power to speak into our lives. God has the ability, through… Read more »

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