Pray for Mark Stuart From Audio Adrenaline | Serious Accident During African Mission Journey

Mark Stuart, who you know as the former lead singer of Audio Adrenaline, was in a serious car accident with his family while on a mission journey in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mark’s wife, Aegis, posted on social media that their car was hit head on by a semi truck on the highway:


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Friends please pray for our family. We are on a trip with a partnering organization in Africa and were hit head on by a semi truck on the highway this afternoon. All of us have some injuries but Mark’s are the most extensive. He has 3 broken ribs, a broken scapula and has undergone surgery to release the air collecting around his lungs to prevent collapse. He’ll have stitches for some deep cuts on his head and arm. Mark and Christela both has concussions and Journey was ejected through a side window. We are all very sore, tired and traumatized but so thankful God had his hand on us. I was in the front seat and I think I just have severe whiplash and am cut a little bit on my neck from the seatbelt. Just lift us all up and the doctors working on Mark!! | @aegisstuart

Mark Stuart and family Mark Stuart with his wife, Aegis and their two children, Journey and Christela.[/caption]

Mark Stuart is the founder and former lead singer of Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline. After being diagnosed with a vocal disorder, Mark thought it was the end of his ministry, since using his voice to sing was the only way of spreading the love of Jesus that he knew.

When Mark thought his calling had ended, God opened new doors:

With his life unraveled, Mark focused on serving the orphan and abandoned children of Haiti through the ministry the band had founded. After surviving the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, Mark became the scratchy voice for struggling Haitians, drawing the world’s attention to their dire circumstances. And somewhere in the rubble, Mark found a new purpose.

Mark now considers himself a missionary and advocate for the children of Haiti. Mark was living out this mission when the accident happened. We know that this event was not a surprise to God. Although we don’t understand the reason, we can trust in God’s plan.

Here are Four Ways to Be Praying

1- Pray for the Doctors. Pray that Mark and his family will get the help he needs from the doctors. Pray that being in a foreign country will not be a setback to the family getting the medical care needed.

2- Pray for physical healing. Mark and his family have some serious painful physical injuries. Pray that God will restore their bodies to be able to continue the mission work he has called them to do.

3- Pray for emotional healing. Pray for peace in the waiting and for God to help them overcome any fear or anxiety that comes with a traumatic experience.

4- Pray for God to use the accident for good and for his glory. Pray that in time, God will reveal the purpose of this accident and that through it, the mission work of this family will be stronger.

How to Pray When You’re Not Sure How to Pray
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March 19, 2024 12:58 pm

Unbelievable what the Lord is doing. God gave me the name Mark Stuart and I started praying for all Mark Stuarts. I do not know any Mark Stuart. I come from Nairobi Kenya. I did not even know this accident happened. I just read it. Praise be to God, I speak healing in the name of Jesus.

July 21, 2023 6:29 pm

Praying for God’s best for Mark and his family. Providing everything they need as they walk through this difficult time together as a family.

July 22, 2023 6:43 pm

Praying for Mark and his family. Please keep us updated if you can. Praying for his ministry as well. Hugs from Texas.

July 28, 2023 10:09 am

God Bless you and yours Mark. I lift you all up to God’s throne room for your blessing and healing.

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