Pornhub Is Now Blocked In Thailand

From a country that gains billions of dollars from the sex industry each year, they have consistently held that internet pornography and gambling are illegal and this month they put a hard stop on it by blocking Pornhub across the country.

Thailand is supposedly one of Pornhub’s top viewing countries so their numbers will absolutely take a hit if the government can keep its citizens away. People have started protesting online and in the streets as well as finding work arounds online.

Is it a push to bring people out from their homes since the sex workers have taken a hit financially because of coronavirus? Is it too far in government censorship? Is it just confusing since they fuel so many other illegal, damaging sexual behaviors and systems? These are questions I’m not qualified or informed enough to answer.

As for now – we know that Pornhub is taking a hit which means sex trafficking is, too. It’s hard to be mad about that.

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