Parent Shares How She’s Raising Kids To Change This Crazy World

Being a parent isn’t easy, but let’s add in rapidly evolving technology, social media, more choices than ever before for every detail of your life, endless resources, and the never ending comparison trap this all brings while the world burns outside your home.

You’re just supposed to send your kid out in all this chaos. Shouldn’t we be preparing them to be world changers? Doesn’t the world need smarter, harder workers, and more passionate people? Well, this mom shared the #1 lesson she’s going to teach her kids while they’re under her roof:

Angela Anagnost-Repke is a writer from Michigan. She introduces herself as “a writer who writes personal essays, reported pieces, and creative nonfiction. Above all, I am a curious human who aspires to be better and hopes my words allow others to grow. I wish to empower women with my writing and am also trying to raise empathetic kids because that’s incredibly important to me.”

You may have seen her work with Good Morning America, Good Housekeeping, Parents, and more. But this week she took to Facebook to share about how she’s raising ordinary kids to love in extraordinary ways. Moms everywhere: you’re doing the hardest work and there’s a lot of pressure on you but “what the world needs now is love, sweet love.”

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